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Sandra bullock a lesbian

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Who has SB dated besides her skivvy nazi loving biker ex? My sister and I are very close and we both think Bullock pings to high heaven. Hot indian nude pic. I think her problem is she owns property but the bottom fell out of the housing market, she might not be as rich as you think.

Follow SheWired on Facebook! I don't know that she's gay but I'm fairly sure that was not a real marriage she had with Jessie.

Loser reads like lesbian to a lot of lesbians, most of whom are so desperate for dykey stars to latch onto. Isn't that particular lying technique called the 'reverse Lohan'? I've been hearing for years that her husband is gay and all the women are just hired PR flacks to make it look as if he and Sandra are heterosexual. Now as it come to men, well, gay men cannot love sexually a woman even if they desperately want to, so they have the illusion that most women like only men like they do You are a bad boy!

I don't have detailed information with his name as of yet to confirm this definitively with absolute proof, so this is a very strong suspicion at this point. Sandra bullock a lesbian. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. Jesus yes Sandy is gay. Just as tall with a surprisingly hot body.

In the write up it says she just got out of a lesbian relationship.

Sandra bullock a lesbian

R They dated at one point. With her kid and her Oscar, Sandy has it all. Sandra lived with Tate Donovan for years. Giant tits porn videos. A new behind the scenes featurette! Click thru on URL for much more info. After the 2nd shot Sandra Bullock went to the bathroom and within 45 minutes had a severe case of insomnia. It kind of reminds me of Tom Cruise and his phony wives. She took me to dinner as a reward for putting up with a lot of rewrites and a pre-compensation for being dropped from the project. She is not good in public with affection and men.

The "right way" to come out Next. Sandi's the "Secret Keeper. Lastly, do you think the tapes and pix of SB would have been released if it hadn't come out that JJ was cheating on her?

Sandra Bullock never dated Ryan Gossling and can't stand this deplorable human being, he is a homosexual, has HIV, and has a false birth certificate. This is specific info on Jesse James and many details are provided.

College educated to boot, though not an Ivy Leaguer like Alba's husband who incidentally is a real creep. What would you like to know? Follow SheWired on Twitter! Wasn't it TMZ who had posted a pic of that McGee creature holding her leg up to show what they claimed was an old gunshot wound?

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My hemmies are a bish mayne, Ive got to lay off the dairy?

Of course, she could be bi, or have had experiences but I definitely for what it's worth got a very sympathetic but very straight impression of her -- I'd believe intimacy and commitment issues and sensitivity to her privacy being invaded make her careful. She has dated both men and women, and has been known to enjoy inviting women for threesomes with her male partners. Lesbian scene hollywood. Tate Donovan then proceeded to take Sandra Bullock back to his local apartment and pulled what is called a date rape while she was unconscious.

I do think that Blind Item is about her. R54, I never said that Bullock was naked in front of other women. Photo by Alberto E. I think someone is in the Illuminati and we are tracing the message to the person who posted the message.

It's possible Jessie did love her but realize that the personalities are so different. Sandra bullock a lesbian. I do think her being bisexual is a strong possibility.

This is a common practice in Hollywood. She moved to Austin she still lives there, so does he and then he dumped her cause he only goes out with much younger supermodel types and married one. The Illuminati is a money making organization and different people have different roles, this was a thug who silences people by different methods.

Where would someone who doesn't know her even ask further. Chuck liddell naked workout video. I asked her about the Nazi pics and she said that she had no idea JJ was into that and that there wasn't any Nazi paraphernalia at the office.

I am a 52 year old woman who doesn't discriminate and has been in Peace Corps and have done many things to be proud of except when I had to have transplant surgery three years ago and I have no place for people like you, not you just your mindset. There is no guarantee for one's sexuality behind the screen I think she wants to be like Garbo, left alone.

Come here and let me rock you slow in this bosom.

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Lots of laugh out loud moments. Actors fear they will never work again and Sandra wanted to be cooperative during the filming of the movie.

Oh god, leave her alone. Some people do believe Shatner, our beloved Capt Kirk, killed his 3rd wife. Sandra Bullock knew Tate Donovan 3 years, had a casual sexual encounter with Tate Donovan on the movie set of "Love Potion 9", then subsequently found out he was a homosexual. She had female and male assistants. I don't think SB is gay at all.

The Blind Item is at R

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